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. sandusky is in pennsylvania super max prison for 30 to 60 years. mike schuh reporting live. back to you. >> it's unclear how the money will be divided up. >>> police make arrests following the fatal shooting of a hotel worker. surveillance video shows the moment when man walked up to pregnant hotel clerk and demanded money. the hotel's manager confronts the thief and is shot several times by him. he died at the scene. police say three men are behind bars facing first and second- degree murder charges. >>> new details are emerging about the double murder-suicide in anne arundel county. one of the dead a decorated baltimore city firefighter is being called a hero in the last moments of his life. derek valcourt has the story. >> reporter: at the engine 14 firehouse in southwest baltimore, the doors are draped with black bunting, a tribute to 27-year-old firefighter andrew hoffman. hoffman and his new girlfriend, marie hartman were gunned down inspect his glen burnie home around 1:30 sunday morning. the young sister escaped out the window. the killer was the ex- boyfriend, christopher lee r
2nd the forecast max high at bwi is below 50 degrees. think about how warm it's been the past 6 months. don, take it away. >> thank you. >>> a big back up in an unusual place on the beltway this morning. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. that is for sure. the outer loop at stevenson not so good right now. we have a car fire there still blocking three lanes. only one lane getting by. it is causing a big back up. when we take a look at our traffic camera you will see traffic isn't moving. slight improvement on 295 northbound between 695 and 895. pulaski highway also at gateway drive. speeds showing up on full speeds on the top and west side of the beltway. when you take a look at this shot on the topside outer loop you can see traffic not moving. that's because of that car fire at stevenson causing a big delay. now wjz has the stories people are talking about this morning. here's don. >> thank you. >>> the white house is launch aw ing a -- launching a new campaign to raise support for the affordable care act. the president will talk to peo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2